Inventory Control Software


Our INVENTORY CONTROL SOFTWARE is a Computerised system for management of Inventory for items held in the custody of Stores. In a typical Stores function, material is required to be preserved until drawn by the user. Collection of such materials having future economic value is called Inventory. Obviously , information such as value of inventory, number of items along with their age analysis , value analysis and movement patterns become critical for defining a suitable policy for inventory as also for day to day operation with a view to reducing cost and maintaining the required service level.

Our software is extremely useful for day to day management of Inventory as it provides a robust profile of each and every item, tracks its movement pattern, determines its value by updating the receipt and issue on daily basis and provides basic analyses and acts as a decision support system for the Stores management / Inventory manager.



1.The software integrates the different stages that complete a standard Inventory process, that is:

  • Creation of new items in the system
  • Creation of a new Item-category
  • Creation of a Supplier
  • Online feeding and updating of Receipts & Issues
2.Various Reports (outputs), on-screen as well as in print form , give
  • Item-vocab
  • Total Inventory status on the day
  • Category wise Inventory status
  • List of all recorded suppliers (Vendors)
  • Indent status of Automatic Procurement items
  • Item procurement-consumption history
3. Follow up action produce :
  • Reminder to Purchase for expediting procurement
  • Intimation on addition / deletion of items
4. Analysis of data results in the following:
  • ABC categorization of items

  • XYZ categorization

  • AX reports

  • Fast/Slow/Non moving items

  • Lead Time of procurement

  • consumption of items by various users

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