The Supplier Code of Conduct




Today more than ever, the public judges a business by the companies with whom it spends its money. And such judgments are usually negative in nature.

Your work is under more scrutiny and can have a bigger impact on your organization than ever. Smart purchasers know this and their collective actions have spawned a new trend: the supplier code of conduct

A simple Google search will link you to many supplier codes of conduct from top companies like HP, Pizza Hut, Federated

Department Stores, Apple, Hallmark, and countless others in a variety of industries.

Is there a reason for you not to use a supplier code of conduct?


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If you want to quickly write a supplier code of conduct, let me save you some time. While an infinite number of items can be addressed in a supplier code of conduct, here are the ten most commonly addressed points:

  • All employees must be freely chosen

  • All employees must be a specified age

  • All employees must work less than a specified number of hours per week

  • The supplier must comply with wage laws

  • All employees must receive humane treatment

  • The supplier may not be discriminatory in its employment decisions

  • The supplier's facility must meet all safety standards

  • The supplier must have a plan for emergencies



  • The supplier must notify its employees of the applicable supplier code of conduct

  • The supplier's compliance with the supplier code of conduct is subject to audit


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