Purchasing History
Purchase Systems
Purchase Procedure
Purchase Flow Chart
Source Selection
Public Procurements
Government e Market (GeM)
Creative Purchasing
Price Forecasting
Speculative Buying
Purchasing ethics
Purchase Timing
Make or Buy
Vendor Management
Legal aspects
Reverse Auction
Forward Buying
Tender Buying
Rate Contract
Reciprocity in buying
Zero Stock buying

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Acceptable Supplier / Offer


A supplier is to fulfill two broad criteria to become prima facie acceptable:

* Eligibility criteria
* Qualification criteria


The tenderer should be eligible to receive government contract
Hence it is to fulfill and follow all applicable rules, regulations and conditions to transact business with the government relating to the purchase

Suitable stipulations are to be incorporated accordingly in the tender enquiry document


The tenderer should be technically capable with acceptable past record and also Financially sound to deliver the goods as required.
Suitable stipulations are to be incorporated accordingly in the tender Enquiry document


Purchase without inviting quotation upto the approved value (AS PER GFR RULE-145, THE LIMIT IS Rs.15,000)

Purchase upto approved value through an authorised purchase committee (AS PER GFR RULE-146, THE LIMIT IS Rs.1,00,000)

Purchase through approved / acceptable Rate contract (GFR


RULE-147). To encourage development of handloom sector and cottage and small scale industries, the government , from time to time provides various facilities to them in the form of product reservation, price preference etc.

From time to time , government also provides appropriate facilities and preferences to central public sector undertakings over private large scale industries


Transparency in Public procurement
Acceptable Supplier / Offer
Single Tender Enquiry (STE)
Limited Tender Enquiry (LTE)
Open Tender Enquiry (OT)
Global Tender Enquiry (GT)
Procedure For Tender Evaluation
Reasonableness of Price
Contract Management