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Purchasing ethics
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OTE system is adopted when estimated value of proposed purchase is above the specified threshold, as mentioned in the Purchase manual

Tender notice is to be published so as to ensure wider publicity. Now a days use of website is frequently done to upload open tenders.

Copies of tender notice may also be sent all registered / approved or likely suppliers and to others such as NSIC, Chambers of commerce etc.)

Sufficient time (prescribed minimum or more) is to be given to tenderers to purchase tender enquiry set , make the offer and submit it
Price of tender papers should take care of the preparation and delivering costs only. It should not be unnecessarily high so as to discourage the prospective tenderes

Late tenders (which are received after the closing time for receipt of tenders) against the OTE are not considered and opened for processing. They are ignored / rejected



Transparency in Public procurement
Acceptable Supplier / Offer
Single Tender Enquiry (STE)
Limited Tender Enquiry (LTE)
Open Tender Enquiry (OT)
Global Tender Enquiry (GT)
Procedure For Tender Evaluation
Reasonableness of Price
Contract Management