One of the basic tenets of public procurement is the transparency in the whole system operated by the purchaser. Transparency eliminates the scope of ambiguity in the system and brings openness therein.
Its aim is to remove favoritism ,corruption, discretion and arbitrariness from the system. It also brings accountability in the process. It helps buyer and seller both.

In a transparent system the tenderers / suppliers /service providers feel confident to send meaningful tenders and execute the contracts, which help the buyer procuring the right goods / services at right price.

Buyer's documents related to inviting tenders and contract should contain appropriate preconditions and directives for promoting transparency in the procurement system

The buyer should not only be transparent in his documents and dealings ,he should also appear to be transparent

Can there be “UNLIMITED” Transparency ? Answer is “NO”

There should be logical limits for transparency on case to case basis. Some areas for consideration are :

* Public opening of Tenders
* Access to ongoing purchase proposal
* End-use of the goods / equipment related to country's security
* Procurement of goods and services for security / sovereignty of the country


The basic tenets of Public procurement are provided below :


Transparency in Public procurement
Acceptable Supplier / Offer
Single Tender Enquiry (STE)
Limited Tender Enquiry (LTE)
Open Tender Enquiry (OT)
Global Tender Enquiry (GT)
Procedure For Tender Evaluation
Reasonableness of Price
Contract Management