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E-book on Stores Management


The term Stores refers to a physical place such as a building or a room etc where materials are kept. The function of Stores is to receive, store and issue materials, in a given organization. Having made this simple statement let me say that management of Stores is highly skilled job for a Stores Management who ultimately is responsible for a complete accounting of materials from the stage of receiving to clearance to their issue to the users.

Obviously, like any other branch of management, Stores Management also is done on scientific lines and thus is required to be handled quite professionally.

The E-book on Stores Management here is a , well consolidated document prepared by an industry experienced executive, describing in details various operations done in a professional stores.This ebook is a great resource for knowing the inside of an Stores.

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Once you make the payment successfully you shall be taken to the download page for immediate download of the e-book.     

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